Download a Grade-By-Grade Curriculum Chart HERE

Download a Grade-By-Grade Curriculum Chart HERE

Grade school classes at Tamarack Waldorf School gradually develop in a manner that matches the growth of the child, from dreamy first grader to truth-seeking eighth grader.

Each phase of childhood focuses on an overarching theme reflected in that year’s curriculum. Starting with fairy tales as a way to introduce writing, reading, mathematics and science, the curriculum builds from year to year, moving through subjects like fables and Old Testament stories, farming and house building, Norse mythology, Roman history, botany, astronomy, physics and the Renaissance.

These subjects culminate in eighth grade with the presentation of 19th and 20th century history, chemistry and algebra

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Drawing, form drawing, painting, and beeswax modeling are fine arts that comprise a vital component of our curriculum. Working with these artistic processes is crucial to developing creative thought and complements the logical, ordered thinking of science and mathematics instruction.

Handwork skills are also taught in the areas of fiber arts (knitting, crocheting, cross stitch), and, in later grades, woodworking. The handwork curriculum is a steady progression of skills that mirrors cultural development and individual capacities.



Music is an essential aspect of who we are as human beings, and a valuable part of the whole educational experience in a Waldorf school. Regardless of past experience, every student has the capacity to participate and engage in music-making to harmonizes and lift their inner nature.

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Drama figures prominently in our arts and literature curriculum. In the drama program, we introduce basic acting, the history of drama and plays from the great classical and modern playwrights, with each class staging a play every year.