Step through the doors of Tamarack Waldorf School—and enter a sanctuary.

Children grow and learn here, surrounded by the school’s warm, nourishing embrace. Tamarack’s curriculum engages the senses and imagination of children through each unique stage of their development. This allows Waldorf students to develop their capacity for organized thought and build their self-confidence in a natural, organic way.



Early childhood education at Tamarack provides a nurturing, engaging environment rooted in daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms. Teachers lead the children in imaginative play, beeswax modeling, painting, baking, nature walks, storytelling, and singing.

Tamarack’s Joyful Mornings Playgroup provides an introduction to Waldorf philosophy while giving parents and children the shared gift of learning, playing, and creating together through song, verse, craft, and baking. Joyful Learning is offered in 10-week sessions throughout the year.

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Our combined-age Kindergarten classrooms prepare children for elementary school by alternating between free play and planned group activities, such as watercolor painting, baking, storytelling, and beeswax modeling.

Visitors to our kindergartens are charmed by the magic that pervades these rooms. Natural toys and materials and the soft colors of the warm, homelike atmosphere encourages imaginative play as the work of the young child. An array of materials—including silk and cotton fabrics for dress up and house building, unpainted wooden blocks, natural logs, and simple handmade dolls—is always on hand as resources for creative play.

Morning circle may include seasonal songs, finger plays, and games which challenge the children with speech work, movement and rhythm; all precursors to healthy development in writing, reading and math at the grade school level.

Waldorf teachers consciously serve as role models, creating a warm and caring atmosphere that fosters mutual regard and respect.



Waldorf class teachers join the class in first grade and travel with students as they progress through the eight grades. This helps forge a bond of familiarity and respect between students and teacher that supports learning. To facilitate this unique relationship, each teacher receives extensive specialized training in the Waldorf curriculum and understanding of child development.

Every day in Grade School begins with a two hour Main Lesson. During this learning period—purposely set at the time of day when children are at their most alert and receptive—an imaginative presentation is given by the teacher and reviewed the following day.

One topic is studied in depth for three to four weeks at a time, with subject matter brought to life through writing, drawing and other projects. Subjects covered in the lesson block correspond to the physical, emotional and spiritual capacities of the child at each stage in their development.