2019-2020 FACULTY


Tamarack’s faculty includes teachers, learning support staff, and specialists. Faculty are dedicated to the creation and implementation of a developmentally-appropriate curriculum based on Rudolf Steiner’s theories and their own research. Full-time faculty members meet weekly, working together to bring unity and cohesion to the educational experience of each child.




Faith Danneil 

Teacher, Early Childhood (Rainbow Garden)

Ms. Danneil grew up in Northbrook, Illinois. She enjoys singing, travelling, and spending time with her family and pets.

Education: Waldorf Teacher Certification, Great Lakes Waldorf Institute; Certificate, Foundational Singing Training, The School of Uncovering the Voice; Certificate, Nurturing the Roots, Therapeutic Course for Early Childhood Educators, Denver Center for Anthroposophic Therapies; M.A., Education, Mount Mary University; Master of Library and Information Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; B.S., Information Resources, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 

“In today’s climate of competitive academics, even in kindergartens and preschools, we are at ever increasing risk of losing those things that make childhood precious. Waldorf education nurtures and protects childhood, and in this way prepares children to become successful, well-adjusted adults.” 

Jane Danner-Sustar

Teacher, Kindergarten (Firefly Garden)

Ms. Danner was raised in Milwaukee and is a parent of six Tamarack Waldorf alumni. She enjoys sewing, cooking, biking and family time. She has worked as a caregiver and cook at LifeWays Childhood Center for eight years and at Tamarack as a kindergarten teacher for 5 years.

Education: B.A., Theater Arts, Marquette University. Waldorf Teacher Certification with a focus on Early Childhood, Great Lakes Waldorf Institute. LifeWays training certificate.

“What I find most wondrous about Waldorf education is this little glimpse into the future that I see reflected in the children’s eyes. These children, their parents, this school and this community are all striving to do and be something different in the world – different from what we see all around us.”


Monica Zamzow

Teacher, Kindergarten (Sunshine Garden)

Ms. Zamzow grew up in the Milwaukee area. In her spare time she enjoys singing, knitting, and spending time with her family in the outdoors.

Education: B.S., Sociology, Carroll University (Waukesha, Wisconsin); Foundational Singing Training, The School of Uncovering the Voice. Currently pursuing Waldorf Teacher Certification through Great Lakes Waldorf Institute

“I feel that Waldorf education is an oasis in our fast-paced, consumer culture. The young child also observes, interacts with, and respects the surrounding world and other people; experiences the family-like feeling of the kindergarten; and learns fundamental skills, all while laying the physical and academic groundwork for future learning.”

Martha Flores

Teacher, Kindergarten (Flower Garden) & Joyful Morning Playgroup

Ms. Flores grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In her free time she enjoys sewing, hiking and camping. She has worked in Waldorf education for more than 17 years.

Education: Waldorf teaching certificate, West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada). B.A. in Elementary Education with support in Early Childhood, Alverno College.

“I love the imaginative and gentle approach to child development in the kindergarten. This approach is what sets the tone for a child’s success at Tamarack.”


Rosie Smith

Teacher, First Grade

Ms. Smith grew up in East Troy, WI. She was a Waldorf student from kindergarten to eighth grade. She enjoys spending time outside, camping, hiking, crafting, playing piano, and spending time with friends and family.

Education: B.A. Humanities from Northland College (Ashland, WI). Pursuing M.A. Education and Waldorf Teacher Certification from Mount Mary University & Great Lakes Waldorf Institute (Milwaukee, WI).

“The gift of Waldorf Education is something for which I am tremendously grateful. The Waldorf education I received as a child instilled in me a love of learning, a sense of belonging in my community and in the world, and gave me the knowledge and skills I needed to succeed socially, academically, and personally, as I ventured out into the world. I am excited and humbled to have the opportunity to journey through the grades, once again, as a teacher at Tamarack Waldorf School.”

Melissa Carpenter

Teacher, Second Grade

Ms. Carpenter grew up in Ambler, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. She currently lives on a small farm in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, where she resides with a couple hundred dairy heifers, two cats, and a mischievous pony. In her spare time, she loves traveling, baking, and enjoying live music.

Education: B.S., Elementary Education, certificates in Educational Policy Studies, South Asian Studies, and Global Perspectives, University of Wisconsin - Madison. Pursuing Waldorf Teacher Certification through Great Lakes Waldorf Institute.

"All children deserve access to an educational experience in which they are at the center of pedagogical considerations. I have a deep appreciation for Waldorf education's commitment to the identity, development, and holistic well-being of each child. I believe that the foundations of Waldorf education hold the key to a lifetime of  intellectual zeal, independent and creative thought, and social responsibility."

Kim Bair

Teacher, Third Grade

Ms. Bair was raised in Indiana, and now lives in Eagle with her husband, Rick, two children, Rosa and Henry, dog, cat, and flock of chickens. She has over 12 years of experience as a Waldorf teacher, and has consistently developed a strong teaching foundation by being a loving authority and holding the classroom form with joy.

Education: M.A. Education with a Waldorf Emphasis, Mount Mary University. Waldorf Teacher Certification, Great Lakes Waldorf Institute. Bachelors of Landscape Architecture, Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana)

“I was first introduced to Waldorf education as a new parent and biodynamic agriculture advocate; and was immediately drawn to the nature revered curriculum, and the emphasis on teaching the whole child – physical, intellectual and spiritual.”

Chet Garrett

Teacher, Fourth Grade

Mr. Garrett grew up in New Orleans and developed an appreciation for theater, the arts, and his fellow human beings. This has fostered a deep sense of compassion and learning that he is delighted to cultivate in others, especially in children and their families. Alongside spending time with his family and friends, Mr. Garrett enjoys nature, learning and philosophy, reading, and music.

Education: B.A., Psychology (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), pursuing M.A., Education (Mount Mary University), pursuing Waldorf Teacher Certification (Great Lakes Waldorf Institute).

“Each child carries with them a hope that is nurtured in Waldorf education. This childhood hope shapes the development of that child, as well as the community of children in the classroom and the school, continuing ever outward to carry this hope into the world. It is this hope that impels the child to discover what it means to be human in their individuality and to be a part of a community.”


James Boland

Teacher, Fifth Grade

Mr. Boland is a Wisconsin native who is active in the Milwaukee theater community. He enjoys long form improvisational comedy, comic books, gardening and cooking.

Education: B.A. in Critical Theory in English Literature and Theater from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. Waldorf Teacher Certification, Great Lakes Waldorf Institute.

"I feel extremely fortunate to be part of Tamarack Waldorf School's community, where there are many wonderful people who strive to bring a rich education environment to Milwaukee."

Sondra Reyes

Teacher, Sixth Grade

Mrs. Reyes, who grew up in Watertown, Wisconsin, likes all kinds of arts including painting, leatherwork, knitting, sewing, dance, and scrapbooking. She also enjoys camping, bike riding, and walking her dogs. She graduated the Tamarack class of 2014 and is in her second 8-year cycle of teaching at Tamarack.

Education: Waldorf Teacher certification, Great Lakes Waldorf Institute. Grade 1 and 6 intensives, Sunbridge Institute. B.A. Advertising, Marquette University.

“Students at Tamarack receive a wholesome education which gives them more than just facts and numbers. They will be prepared for all aspects of life and will develop a flexible, innovative thought pattern.”

Amy Lynn Marks

Teacher, Seventh Grade

Mrs. Marks grew up in Seattle, Washington. She enjoys knitting, painting, making art, writing, reading, hiking, watching movies and spending time with her family. Mrs. Marks has been a Waldorf Educator for over twenty years. She has a daughter in high school and one at Tamarack.

Education: B.A., Teacher Education Program at the Evergreen State College & Western Washington University (Bellingham, Washington), Waldorf Certification from the Great Lakes Waldorf Institute.

 “I was intrigued by teaching through the arts, this concept pulled me into a long interactive study of Waldorf Education. Always growing, always learning, Waldorf teachers model how to love the world so students can embrace their place and be caretakers of the earth. Every child teaches me something about what it means to be human.”

Jodi Hundt

Teacher, Eighth Grade

Mrs. Hundt grew up in Rudolph, Wisconsin. She enjoys sports, camping and hiking, and travel and being “crafty” from time to time. Mrs. Hundt is taught for more than 20 years and is finishing her second 8-year cycle of teaching at Tamarack.

Education: Waldorf Teacher Certification, Great Lakes Waldorf Institute. B.S. Education, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

“I was drawn to Waldorf education because of its deep consideration for the whole child and its intention to developing whole human beings who are awake to unfolding and meeting their destinies in the world, within the humanity of our times. I appreciate the way, in my students and in my own children, that I see Waldorf education and its ideals, inspiring them to become creative, thinking and feeling individuals who look forward to participating in and shaping the world in which they live. I am inspired every day to work in such a place and with others committed to the same mission.



Elizabeth Vogt

German Teacher

A native of Milwaukee struck early by Wanderlust, Frau Vogt spent thirty years in other states and countries. Seven years teaching in a traditional Austrian elementary school gave her a deep appreciation for its foundations, many of which are common to Waldorf education. She is delighted to be in Milwaukee and part of the Tamarack team.

Education: B.A in Art and English (Trinity University of Texas), MBA (American Graduate School of International Management, Arizona), professional training in Texas, Germany, Austria, and Wisconsin. 

“Learning is best fueled by curiosity and enjoyment. My approach is to provide an array of learning opportunities, projects, and materials to engage each individual.“

Delmy Geiger

Spanish Teacher


Marcia Duncan

Teacher, Handwork/Applied Arts

Mrs. Duncan has taught handwork at Tamarack since 2001. Throughout life she has maintained a love for working with her hands: handwork, cooking, and gardening. It was her family’s involvement in a Waldorf initiative in Connecticut more then fifteen years ago that started her on this rich path. Marcia has two adult children.

Education: Applied Arts Program, Sunbridge College (Spring Valley, New York). B.S. in History, Charter Oak College (Hartford CT)

“There are infinite reasons for children to do handwork: from the sacred, to the intellectual, and to the practical. To make ordinary things beautiful is my current favorite.”


Ceal Hunter

Teacher, Learning Support

Mrs. Hunter is the parent of two Tamarack alumni. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening and walking along the Milwaukee River.

Education: B.S.W. and M.S.W., University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Certificate in Educational Support from Sunbridge College (NY). M.A. in Special Education from Alverno College. Apprenticed for seven years at Tamarack as the Learning Support Program assistant.    

“I was drawn to the holistic, soulful nature that Waldorf education takes in educating children and its strong musical, artistic and movement work.”

Deborah Schermer

Speech Language Pathologist

This is Mrs. Schermer’s second year working with students at Tamarack Waldorf school. She is the parent of two young adult sons. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking, dancing, traveling, and enjoying the outdoors.

Education: B.A. Northeastern University, Boston. M.S.Sp. Emerson College, Boston. Certificate in Clinical Competence - ASHA 1993. Clinical Fellowship, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MA.

“Communication is where human interaction lives, and verbal expression is the tool we all use to show the world who we are. It is a privilege to be able to help and support students with the development of their communication skills so that they can engage with the world and share themselves to the best of their abilities."