Waldorf education inspires the spirit of the child while eliciting academic excellence through educational artistry. From an early age, Waldorf students develop an understanding and respect for the cultures of the world, drawing on many traditions to celebrate our common humanity.

Tamarack Waldorf School is a private, diverse urban school that offers a complete curriculum based in the Waldorf tradition for students from pre-school and kindergarten through Grade 8. Tamarack welcomes students and families of all races, religions and cultures.

Committed to being a community, we foster and encourage fellowship and a spirit of mutual support among all Tamarack families. We gladly supply interested parents with information about Waldorf-inspired childcare in the community and offer on-site before and after school care.

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The Waldorf approach allows students to engage with their curriculum on multiple levels. It is a curriculum that stresses practical knowledge and creativity. Waldorf students become flexible, creative, and willing to take intellectual risks.

The class teacher travels with the students from Grades 1 through 8 as a guide, mentor, and figure of authority. Lessons balance cognitive and emotional intelligence with physical activity where each assignment integrates academic work with fine and practical arts.

Alongside Waldorf schools worldwide, we graduate lifelong learners who give purpose to their lives and communities. Waldorf graduates are passionate about achieving their goals, and are highly sought after in higher education.